Get shown on the first of Google Page Search Results and drive more quality traffic to your website.

Keyword search and analysis is the core backbone of high-end and effective search engine optimization. Without it, your content could be as dull as a starless night. But here’s the good news! Our company has the best team of digital marketing professionals who work together to understand consumer behavior in searching products like yours. Aside from having powerful SEO tools, we also implement a data-backed and fool proof SEO plan specifically designed to cater to your business and get you found online.

Our company will help you:

Earn organic website traffic by leveraging high-ranking keywords
Organize and conduct an ongoing SEO analysis to continually support the SEO strategy and bolster your site performance
Capitalize on the latest trends of keywords to keep your website on the front line of search strings
Establish and execute both short-term and long-term SEO goals
Provide detailed reporting on Google Analytics along with easy-to-understand recommendations from a group of SEO experts on how to further grow your business

Search Shark offers an unprecedented keyword search and analysis strategy. By using world-class search tools and with the right people on the team, we provide only high quality and relevant keywords that help your company outrank the competitors in your particular industry.

Further Details of our Process :

Perform Standard Keyword Research

Our dedicated SEO specialists will perform keyword research by leveraging proprietary technology and third-party keyword tools which have proven success. We will identify the viability of each keyword for potential success by analyzing their performance based on search volume, competition, and other factors affecting searches. Once we classify relevant keywords, we can give a shortlist of all the top performing keywords (both long-tail and short-tail keywords) that are related to your company.

Conduct Comprehensive Keyword Reports

After our dedicated SEO specialists conduct a comprehensive keyword research and analysis, we will create and present to you a detailed report on our findings and recommendations as to how we can pursue a successful SEO strategy plan.

Analyze Competitor Websites

When it comes to SEO, we understand that you are facing the landscape of competition. Knowledge of how your competitor’s websites are doing will give you a good idea about your digital brand position. Our group of professional researchers and analysis will take the load off of you and do the analysis ourselves. Based on the data we find, we will create a recommendation and diversify our SEO strategy for your website to be able to out-compete in your market.

Monitor Ongoing Keywords Trend

Our company keeps pushing! We will consistently monitor keywords changes, including customer behaviour, for us to be able to help you target seasonal keywords and keep your website up to date.